Dark Gems
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arynladyofice whispered: (The awkward moment I realized I didn't send the right symbol for what I had in mind XD I meant to send this one: ❆ -- It's snowing and my muse slips on ice, accidentally crashing into your muse. XD)

(actually my bad!  I might have read the wrong one coz there was a million snowflakes in that post and I was soooo tired omfg.)

He massaged the sore area the crash had left him with, frowning.

"Hey!  Watch where you’re going!" he huffed as he got up.  He sighed, knowing it couldn’t be helped since it was rather icy today, so he decided to offer a hand to the other to help them up.

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Your muse notices bruising around my muse’s neck. How does your muse respond?
arynladyofice whispered:

He frowned as he wrapped himself up in a warm blanket.  ”I knew it was going to be cold, but I didn’t predict it was going to be this cold.”  He quickly smiled.  ”At least we had a bit of fun.” He looked over at you.  ”Hey, don’t just stand over there shivering!  Come and join me under the blanket, it’s warm here.” 

Roleplay Starters & Prompts
❂ -- It's incredibly hot outside and my muse is trying to persuade yours to go swimming together.
☁︎ -- A dream (or nightmare) about your muse.
❆ -- It's snowing and my muse slips on ice, accidentally crashing into your muse.
☯ -- My muse meets yours in a tranquil setting.
✆ -- A text message from my muse.
◎ -- It's raining and my muse finds yours outside completely drenched and crying.
☂ -- My muse encounters yours just as it starts to rain.
✑ -- Something my muse has written about your muse. ( Could be a letter, drawing, etc. )
↭ -- My muse is lost and stops to ask your muse for directions.
⌖ -- My muse's reaction to accidentally shooting your muse.
◌ -- Some of my muse's thoughts about your muse.
☉ -- My muse is undressing when your muse accidentally walks into the room.
✬ -- My muse conveys one of their wishes to you.
¤ -- In some turn of events, your muse ends up staying with mine.
❅ -- Our muses are trying to warm up after spending a day outside in the snow.
♪ -- My muse walks in on your muse singing to themselves.
❊ -- My muse gives yours some flowers.
❁ -- My muse's reaction to receiving a rose from your muse.
✧ -- A kiss from my muse to yours.
◎ -- My muse's reaction to being kissed by yours.
♡ -- A romantic gift from my muse.


A scene from my fic~  It’s about time I coloured this! 8DDD

Just a little test
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